Intuitive Painting with Kia Cannons

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Enrolment Is Open For Autumn Term '22!

Autumn Term 2022: 16 Sept - 18 Nov

Autumn Term Syllabus


This term we will explore:

- Expanding your markmaking language

- Wax resist using ink + gesso

- Quickly getting into intuitive 'flow-state'

- Creating a small body of work 

- Displaying experiments in a sketchbook

- Mixed-media pattern/mark creating

- Exploring form via wax resist 




Live painting class on Fridays at 1pm UK!

(8am EST / 5am PAC / 2pm CET)

Come and learn the secrets to creative freedom + self-expression!

Sessions are one hour and comprise of guided exercises and time to develop your studies.  



Student Testimonial

"I've been wanting to paint for a long time now but didn't know how to get started.  I still had college memories tormenting me of how horrible my still lives were so there was a bit of mindset work that needed to happen. 

Kia started the course, first things first, with mindset.  Each class Kia introduced a new technique and each time I learned more about my intuitive me.  You are forced not to think and just react. 

I realized in this class how badly I wanted to get away from perfectionism and embrace freedom to create with no judgement.  Now, all I want to do is find time to paint.  Thank you Kia for introducing my intuitive self to me and guiding me to something I really needed in my life."

- Kathrin

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course has been designed for acrylic paint. However, if you are confident with another type of medium you can still join and adapt as you see fit. 


All classes are at 1pm UK / 8am EST / 5am PAC and run for an hour.

Autumn Term Lesson Schedule: 

Week 1. Fri 16 Sept, 1-2pm UK

Week 2. Fri 23 Sept, 1-2pm UK

Week 3. Fri 30 Sept, 1-2pm UK

Week 4. Fri 7 Oct, 1-2pm UK

 Week 5. Fri 14 Oct, 1-2pm UK

Week 6. Fri 21 Oct, 1-2pm UK

Fri 28 Oct - No Class 

Week 7. Fri 4 Nov, 1-2pm UK / 9am EST / 6am PST** US Clocks haven't changed but UK clocks have.

Week 8. Fri 11 Nov, 1-2pm UK

Week 9. Fri 18 Nov, 1-2pm UK 


For the Autumn '22 Term you will need:


- Bottle of Quink Ink (black) 

- Some plain white candles 

- Graphite stick 

- White Gesso (matt finish)

- Black / paynes grey acrylic paint

- White coloured pencil

- Pack of plain index cards 

- A Sketchbook 

- Loose mixed media paper

- Glue Stick or Double Sided Tape 

- Pencil

- Brushes/tools you like to paint with


Upon enrolling you will receive an email with links to exactly what I will be using.

Replays of the classes will be circulated within 24hrs of the class and you will have access to the recordings for 3 months (ie until 18 Feb '22).   

Yes, totally! Each term I plan to both add new exercises as well as revisit exercises/concepts that need to be repeated to fully embody the process. 

This class is appropriate whether you have zero experience or lots of experience. It's suitable for all : ) 

Painting is an excellent way for people who want to connect to their intuition. During this course you will build the skill of connecting to your intuition using paint as the medium to learn!

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